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The Man Who Could Stop Time

That man can stop time.

I’ve heard about him.

Well there he is.

How do you know he’s the one?

He told me.

Did he show you?

No, he doesn’t stop time.

But he can?


But he hasn’t?


No way.

You can stop time?

I can.

What happens?

I can only assume that time stands still.

What do you mean? How do you not know?

I don’t know for sure, I’ve never tried.

You can stop time and you've never tried?...I don’t buy it.

Is that so hard to believe?

Ok, enlighten me. Why not, then?

Just because I can doesn’t mean I do.

Ohhh, it’s some honor thing then?

Honor thing?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Having power doesn’t mean wield it.

Ha ha. That’s not it at all.

Don’t laugh at me.

Don’t make stupid assumptions.

Then what? Why not use it?

I like the choice. Everyone’s doing doing doing all the time. No one’s not doing.

But if you can stop time, you have to stop time! For the rest of us. So the world can know.

Many people say that.

Yea, if you have a superpower you have to use it!

People say that too.

You think I’m ordinary.

Everyone falls in that trap sometimes.

Well I think you’re selfish.

Stopping time wouldn’t help anyone but me. You want me to do it so you know what happens,

that’s a bit selfish isn’t it?

I’d be a lot more rude to you if you weren’t so old.

Ha ha. I’m not old.

Kind of.

But I can stop time! I’d say that makes me young.

But you don’t. So it doesn’t.

I can. So it might.

But you won’t.

That’s my choice.

Just because you have the choice, doesn’t change your age.

I disagree.

It’s not about the choice, your age is about whether you actually do it.

It’s all about the choice. Things fall into our laps every day. We accept it all without a second

thought. We’re told we need the newest and biggest and greatest, but then the newest is

smallest and now we need that. We’re told to see this and try that and experience things

over there. No one stops to think whether they actually want to do or not do anything. We all

just fall into line, blending into the crowd bustling down the street, looking at the ground, not

watching the passing scenery, wondering and forming our own opinions. Maybe I’ll do it one

day, maybe I won’t. For right now, I find it more interesting to not stop a thing and see how

that shakes out.

So you’re just rebelling against society.. You’re just creating the delusion in your own mind that

you’re in control. That you can actually resist what’s happening.

No, I’m just interested in seeing what happens to me, my mind and outlook when I get to decide...and the people around me when I don’t do what they expect me to do.

You’re being a dick.

You’re pretty short sighted.

I just don’t see your point.

You have many choices. Examine them.



Maybe it’d help if you gave me the power too and I could feel how you feel. I could see what

you mean. Don’t you think sharing the choice will help me see your perspective?

Yea, ok. Take it.

Do you feel it? Do you have the choice?

Yes, wow I do.

Now do you understand? The choice is alluring, don’t you want to keep that choice? Don’t you

want to see what happens to yourself? The transformation in you when you get to decide.

Aren’t you curious how other people will react when you don’t do it? Aren’t you excited to

see who you turn into? How you might change?




You just stopped time.

Yes! It worked!

Of course it did.



Gosh. Crazy.


Aren’t you curious what happened?

Time stopped I assume.

Yes! It stopped!

Ok, but now what?

- Emily Menges


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