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Wandering and Wondering

Alone is a usual state

Among friends, colleagues and family

Outside looking in

Wondering, my thoughts wander

People are in need

Supporting and helping

I do mean it

Wondering if I really do

Hypocrisy is an epidemic

Me too, I guess

Everyone it seems

All wandering for meaning

Meaning is a fools chase

There is no meaning

There is caring and love and hate

Wondering why we search

Anxious, losing perspective

The mind becomes more limited

Hurry up and finish, but why?

Wandering with purpose, really?

Happiness is the goal

What makes us happy?

Giving, smiles, helping

Wondering how to do more

Blessed but have trouble seeing it

Blinded by the unnecessary


Wondering how to get unstuck

Energy and enthusiasm is drained

Sapped by not finding, yet trying

Time is the only currency

Wondering if it’s well spent

- Barton West


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