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February 2024


1. Missed Connections

          Short Story by Andrew Gallagher

2. Looking at Silver Lake

          Poem by Scott Laudati

3. Mic Crenshaw

          Photograph by Bear Bear

4. Mic w mic

          Photograph by Bear Bear

5. The Coldest Day of the Hottest Year

          Poem by Michael McPhie

6. Crossword: Beginnings (Newspaper Only)

            By Emily Menges

7. Lexicon: Preposterous (Newspaper Only)

            By Michael McPhie


Daily News has been suspended until such a time as we have more time to give it justice.  Thank you for your understanding.


Mic Crenshaw
By Bear Bear
Mic Crenshaw - Bear Bear.jpg
Mic w mic
By Bear Bear
Mic w mic - Bear Bear.jpg



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Editor in Chief 

Emily Menges

& Trusty Sidekick Turtle

A note from Emily:

Bel Esprit provides a platform for artists to publish their work.

We pay $25 per piece to all artists, but we don't charge you for enjoying their work.


I do not keep a dime of the profits for myself.  It all goes back to keeping Bel Esprit alive.  Considering contributing to the project. 

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