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The Muses

Bel Esprit not only strives to provide a space to read and publish art, but also to inspire; Inspire all who stumble upon our pages to write, draw, read, seek out art in all forms, to pull from others as a source of inspiration, and to learn.

In ancient Greece, the goddess of memory, Mnemosyne, and the ruler of all the Gods, Zeus, had nine daughters called the Muses.  These nine goddess were thought to be the embodiment of all knowledge and the source of all inspiration.

The Muses became the categories in which each form of art falls, including that which is published on Bel Esprit.

The paintings below are all pulled from Renaissance Era art. The original realm of expertise for each Muse is listed, with the addition of a little contemporary tweak of our own.  We hope you explore them all.

“Immature poets imitate;

mature poets steal;

bad poets deface what they take,

and good poets make it into something better,

or at least something different.”


T.S. Elliot

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