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Liver and Lungs

Original Song by Andrew Menges

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Blood runs red in the street

The people celebrate their Eid

And I'm over at a friends to eat

The meat's cooking on the grill

Left for a moment to long

And the plates come piled high

With blackened liver and lungs

This memory shoots to the top

Like a diver who knows his oxygen's about to run out

And it's all I can think about

When I know what you're going to say

By the tremor in your voice

Like 13 years ago

Blackened liver and lungs

Mid July 2003

The last time I saw you cry

We were too young to understand

That you thought that he could die

I'd known what you were going to say

But this time I also know what's implied

And although you failed to cry

The third time's no easier

And this time I'm old enough

To know that we're both thinking about

Blackened liver and lungs

By Andrew Menges


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