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A Tree: The Story About Your Life

Saturated shades of green pressed up against the canvas of the crisp open air

The beauty contrasting with the vast, empty, blue sky

I stand and I marvel at wisdom formed into such beauty

The adversity brought by storms and struggles you must have faced through drought,

The moss that covers the scars inflicted by relentless windstorms,

The rings that circle around your trunk showing your timeline through life's defining moments,

The knots that show your visible imperfections coming together in breathtaking harmony,

And the sap that cries, slowly down your bark

But what amazes me most.

What truly holds me captive.

Is not just what I can see.

On the contrary,

It is what I cannot see.

Cannot touch.

It's what lay quietly beneath my feet,

That's what I want to come to know.

Because the beauty of your shades of green

The turnover of your fragile leaves

The resiliency that replaces the branches that were ripped away

And the consistency of your core,

Hold nothing to what lay beneath this dirt floor.

You stand so tall, yet your presence lives amongst us all

You show the world what beauty means through your shades of green

And the depths of your wisdom is shared through the visible struggles of life's storms.

Yet all of that beauty

All of that strife

Could not have been weathered without the roots of your life.


I stand and I marvel at the wisdom it took to form such beauty

Knowing that under my feet lies the intricate life force that made you what you are

What started from a seed

Sprouted you into what stands so tall

Like a maze they run, turning and twisting

Each turn influenced by life choices

Stretching down

Deep into the earth

To support what stands above ground

A firm foundation for when the blizzards roll through

That is the wisdom I want to know

That is the beauty that makes this whole forest glow.

...Without it there would be no

Saturated shades of green pressed up against the canvas of the crisp open air.

- Casey Noack

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