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When I Look at You

​When I look at you

I see a knight

Standing firm in your radiant and shining armor

Ready for life's war

Each piece placed to protect you from a potentially fatal blow

Rigid you stand

With presence that warns off the worthiest of foes

But when I take off your helmet

I see a woman who's beauty knocks everyone to their knees

Making it hard to breathe

A smile that uplifts the deepest rooted doubts

Leaving only the strongest of beliefs

Beauty that instils the strength of ten armies

And when laughter pours out of you

We give in and enter the state of vulnerable trust

So can we leave that at the door?

As we make our way across the room

When I take off your breastplate

I see the heart of a woman

With the compassion to lift us up from the deepest of sadness

And the blood that courses through your veins

So pure it gives life to those who are merely around it

I see the heart of a woman with a radiant light so bright

It shines

Exposing all the corners where darkness used to reside

And a heart that pours out love so deep

It sweeps you off your feet

So can we leave that at the door?

Lean it against the wall as we make our way across the room

When I take off each piece protecting your extremities

I see the arms of a woman

Arms with the strength to lift giants out of their trap

And crush anyone who challenges your beliefs

Yet I see the arms and hands of a woman gentle enough to soothe an aching heart

Willing to drop everything at a moments notice

And put them to good work for those in need

I see the legs and feet of a woman

Firmly placed to the ground

A base so sturdy it welcomes the fiercest storm

Toes like roots

Running deeply underground

Holding you firm

Yet willing to uproot

And move with all the weight upon your shoulders

Should it service a




So can we leave that at the door?

Just throw everything in a pile over by your helmet


Let me step back

To see you for the true person I know you to be

The one I know off the battle field

That taught me the meaning of








Meanings learned as a direct result

Of your inherent and good nature.

... But should you ever,

Have to take up your plates of armor

...Then please take

My shield

My sword

My bow...

Because you've taught me,

That I don't need these with you anymore...

- Casey Noack, Guest Contributor


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