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Where’s the news?

 I don’t want to hear about war.

I don’t want to hear of irrational leadership


Where is the news that I desire? The news that I need?


What of the neighbors who rake a senior’s leaves.

What of the teens who organize food drives.


We are surrounded by love.


We are daily exposed to a smiling familiar barista

who prepares our order before it is placed.

We have our tanks tended by an energetic pump attendant

who literally asks if we want a fill-up. (Fill up with what?)

A meal is daily placed before us by a loving spouse.

A child curls up on our lap with a book to share.

A leash intertwines with our leash as our dogs exchange odorous greetings.


Am I ignoring the world by turning off the news?

Am I irresponsible by failing to get the latest updates?


Pain happens, but suffering I create.

When I dwell in the media determined news, I suffer.


I choose to dwell in my own news.


News of a dad kicking a soccer ball with his toddler.

News of mom turning her phone over to make goo goo with a child in a stroller.

News of a youngster holding a door for a vet in a wheelchair.

News of auditoriums filled with mixed faces celebrating a band from a culture afar.


Where is the news that fills the heart?

Why do headlines empty the heart?

Love is news!!

Love is the news!!

Wade McJacobs 10/2023


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