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"I Saw Below Me, That Golden Valley..."

During December, for our 30 Days Deep segment, we set out to walk for an hour each day, following in the theoretical footsteps of Dickens who used to walk up to 3 hours each day through the English country-side, or weave his way through the dark streets of London at night.

I tend to look down as I walk - something I'm actively working on. But I've come to realize that only when walking slowly and staring at the ground with no destination, no rush and no reason, do the small hidden treasures of your neighborhood reveal themselves.

That Golden Valley

iPhone Quality Pics of the Ground

- Emily Menges

Prove It.

Waiting at the Crosswalk Pt.1: And Do Small Hearts Break Soft?

Cat on a Beach Cruiser

Damp Jelly

Places To Go

(Flipped and typed out)

"The old man

Must have stopped our car

Two dozen times to climb out

And gather into his hands

The small toads blinded by our lights

And leaping live drops of rain.

The rain was falling

A mist about his white hair

And I kept saying

You can't save them all,

Accept it, get back in

We've got places to go.

but leather hands full

of wet brown life,

Knee deep in the summer

Roadside grass,

He just smiled and said,

They have places to go too."

Temporary Tattoos

Friendly Reminder

Please Wipe Your Feet Before Entering

Waiting at a Crosswalk Pt.2: And Try Not to Drop It

Self Reliance

That Golden Valley

iPhone Quality Pics of the Ground

- Emily Menges


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