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Summer Boredom

Inspiration: During the summer as a kid, there was usually a point in each day when boredom struck: In the car driving to somewhere, after getting home from the beach but before dinner, in the early morning before it was socially acceptable to call for your friends. We all had to learn to make our own fun in one way or another.

Challenge: Think back about an activity you enjoyed during the summer, or a game you created to kill time when summer boredom hit. Options: 1. Call someone up and reminisce, 2. Teach the game to a friend. 3. Write a little essay about it and submit to Bel Esprit for publication. (Bar code on the back)

My Game: My family spent many, many hours in the car growing up. Our family and cousins were scattered throughout the extended Northeast - Cleveland, North Carolina, Buffalo, etc - and for whatever reason flying was never considered. We played many games to keep us busy but our favorite, and the most timeless of the games, was the Vagina Game. The rules are simple. Think of a book or movie title and replace one word in the title with "Vagina." For example, "A Journey to the Center of the ..." or "Harry Potter and the ... of Secrets." You get the point. Have fun.


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