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"Venture Through"

February 2022: The cave may have bats, but the hidden beach is on the other side.

The Inspiration: January is full of goals and good intentions, but then February comes and much of the time we've already lost the plot. Last February, we started a tradition of using the month to dive deep. If you remember: "Pick something you're excited about. Explore it. Become obsessed. Dive in head first, and when you climb the long ladder leading you back to the the real world, each rung dragging you out of your revelry, don't expect to be the same." February is now and forever, the month of the rabbit hole, but now we're using a nice cave metaphor.

The Commitment:

Find a cave and venture through. Pick a topic or an artist or writer or musician and engulf yourself with them and their work. It is very hard to spend a month consumed with something and not have a strong emotional attachment when you finish. Whether that emotion is love or hatred, excitement or underwhelming boredom... well that remains to be seen.

Do you participate in the monthly challenges? Let us know! Have suggestions? Keep 'em to yourself. Kidding, we want to know that too!


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