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Welcome to the Launch!​

Bel Esprit is here and we will never be the same.

Before we get started, put on some nice music, light a candle, go pour yourself some whiskey, grab a beer or smoke a little weed. Preferably all of the above. We want you comfortable.....ok ready? Here is what you're looking at:

1. News - First up, this daily news segment will include a nice short bullet pointed version of what you should be aware of before starting your day each morning. Keep in mind we're on the west coast, meaning don't expect it to be updated all that early and if it's seemingly unimportant, well...we never promised to have our priorities sorted.

2. Experts v. The People - One of our favorite sections is the weekly debate over a previously stated writing tip. We find a nice little snippet of info from a reputable source and compare it to our thoughts on the same topic. This week, the word "literally." We'd love to hear your thoughts as long as you keep it to one or two sentences like we did. It's only fair. Send in your thoughts on the Letter to Editor page.

3. The Latest - This section is the meat of the paper. Here you can find our latest thoughts and ramblings on the following topics: Arts & Poetry, Fiction & Storytelling, Science & Technology, Philosophy & Obituaries and Sports & Adventure. Don't expect new articles on these sections in equal proportion, but when we do have some new thoughts for you we'll be sure to showcase them on the Today page as well as the Latest page. All articles ever released can be found by searching on the Archives page. If you're scared to miss a single thing, sign up for our newsletter which will remind you to stop what you're doing and head on over to our page.

4. 30 Days Deep...Sometimes 31 - Last, but not least, this often underrated section serves as an opportunity to learn about and incorporate the daily routines of famous writers for our monthly challenge. We release pre-experiment and post-experiment revelations, irritations and reflections.

5. Esprit of the Bel Variety - We are here for the writers. We believe in art and we actively ignore everyone trying to crush our creativity. Each week we will provide a new writing prompt to urge new contributions to the magazine. Don't be shy. Send us your work whether it is in response to current or past prompts. We live to encourage the Spirit of the Good variety.


- Emily Menges, Editor in Chief


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