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A Life Well Lived

A Poem dedicated to all those who live life to the fullest

How much pain can one person take?

How much good can one person give?

Is there some universal formula?

Is good and bad, pain and joy supposed to balance?

So much treatment, so much pain

So much giving and so much joy

Giving is his passion

Taking is his burden

Consistent and Genuine

So young, a hero to so many

The ultimate 'pebble in the pond'

His example rippling through others

Determined, devoted

Take the hard road

Take nothing for granted

Driven to give, to help, to influence

Small in stature

Larger than life

He lies in the hospital bed

Yearning to be normal

"Just taking the semester off"

His days are few

He's not naïve

Hopeful, optimistic

Thinking, dreaming, believing

I've always beaten this, again and again, and why not again

Accomplishments, too many to be counted

His impact, deep, wide, pure

The absolute shining example

A life well lived.

- Barton West


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